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I think that Edie escapes a condition of waiting and paralysis that seems to impact others in the narrative.  Edie might not have discovered her long lost love in the story.  Yet, she marries a decent man who loves and adores her.  She recognizes that in the desire for an ideal of perfection, paralysis and waiting results.  Edie recognizes early on how individuals are trapped by waiting for something that might not materialize.  Certainly, this is the case with Loretta and Mrs. Peebles, to an extent.  Edie understands that this is her when she waits for Chris.  She understands that being trapped by paralysis in waiting for something perfect helps to undercut the hopes of a realistic chance at happiness.  This is what she ends up escaping with her husband.  Edie understands that there is little hope of happiness in her incessant waiting for Chris.  She gains the insight that her happiness is only going to happen when she begins the process of living life for the happiness that can be as opposed to what can or should be.  It is here where she escapes the condition of paralysis and waiting.  This is something that she learns and ends up escaping with her  marriage and as he tells the story of how he met their children's mother.

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