What does each character plant in the garden?

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Seedfolks has an ensemble cast of thirteen, collectively the gardeners of the plot. Each character has his or her own chapter describing the character's backstory and what has brought them to the garden. In most cases, there is a connection established between the character's backstory and the plant they bring to the garden. 

Kim plants lima beans in the garden. Ana states that she is too old to participate in the gardening ritual any more and does not plant anything, although she forges relationships with the other characters. Gonzalo, similarly, does not plant anything of his own but provides assistance to his uncle in gardening. Florence suffers from arthritis and therefore is also unable to plant anything, but she supervises the other gardeners. Wendell does plant something, or so we can infer from the text, but the book does not tell us what it is.

Leona plants golden rod; Sam, pumpkins; Virgil, lettuce; Sae Young, hot peppers. Curtis plants tomatoes, while Nora, something of a dreamer, plants less practical things: hollyhocks, poppies, and snapdragons.

Marcila plants radish and swiss chard, and Amir plants eggplant.  

A simple list of each gardener's plant of choice, however, does not really tell us much about the story. Consider the connections drawn between the gardeners and their plants—why do they each choose what they do? Sae Young, for example, plants something that reminds her of her home in Korea. Amir plants eggplant, a common feature in food from his native India, and becomes famous for it. Yes, each gardener has his or her own contribution to make, but what is really important is the connection between the plants and their stories—and the connections the garden allows them to build with each other.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book Seedfolks different people come together one by one to plants parts of an empty lot in Cleavland.  None of the people know each other but together they become a cohesive unit working the sections of the vacant lot as they live their lives. 

Kim, a 9 year old Vietnamese girl, begins by planting lima beans in memory of a father she has never met.  She hopes he will see what she has planted and will be pleased.

Virgil and his father plant lettuce which the bugs begin to eat.  Their dreams were to be able to sell the lettuce to make some money.

Leona wants to plant goldenrods in the garden.

Wendell and his wife had a son who was shot and killed.  He only helps initially to water the little beans Kim had planted.  Later he gets a shovel so he too can plant.

Sae Young, a middle aged Korean woman, plants peppers like the ones she had grown in Korea.

Sam hires a boy to work his section of the garden because he is 78 and can not do the work.  The book does not say what he plants.

Curtis plants beefsteak tomatoes.

Mr. Myles plants hollyhocks, poppies, and snap dragons. 

bonetifany8888 | Student

What's the deferent between Kim and Anna?

jaeyoung918 | Student

Kim: Lima beans

Ana: Nothing. Just watches

Wendell: Nothing. Helps Kim's lima beans

Gonazalo: Nothing

Leona: Nothing. She wanted to plant goldenrods

Sam: Pumpkins

Virgil: Lettuce

Sae Young: Hot peppers

Curtis: Beefstake tomatoes

Nora: Hollyhocks, pot pies, snapdragons

Maricella: Radishes

Amir: Eggplants, onions, carrots, and cauliflowers

Florence: Nothing

sweetpea808 | Student

Each character planted there garden in Cleveland in an abandoned lot near some apartments!

I hope u enjoyed the book! :)

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