Dwight D. Eisenhower's Presidency

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What did Dwight Eisenhower do after his presidency?

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Dwight Eisenhower, or "Ike," did not have much time after the end of his presidency, as he died only 8 years later. His presidency was widely viewed as very successful, having made many excellent contributions to the United States that are still in effect today, such as the national interstate system, the space race, and many pieces of legislation that are very important to American citizens.

After his presidency, he publicly endorsed his Vice President, Richard Nixon, in his political campaign, as well as other Republicans that came later, although they were unsuccessful until Nixon was elected several months before Eisenhower's passing. Beyond his limited political influence post-presidency, he lived out the remainder of his life relatively quietly, moving with his wife to a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania and vacationing occasionally in California. It seems a quiet, fitting end for a hero that had been entrenched in World War II and embattled with politics ever since.

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