European Exploration of America

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What did Dutch explorers discover? I need it for a school test.

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Among the most important Dutch explorers were:

  • Willem Barentsz (1550-1597). Searched for the northeast passage above Siberia. Discovered Bear Island (1594).
  • Henry Hudson (1565-1611). Explored Chesapeake Bay and discovered the Hudson River (1609) and claimed New Amsterdam (Manhattan Island) for the Dutch.
  • Willem Janszoon (1571-1638). First European to set foot on Australia (1606).
  • Abel Tasman (1603-1659). Discovered the island of Tasmania (1642) and was the first European to sight New Zealand. He visited the Fiji Islands and mapped areas of Australia.
  • Dirck Hartog. The first explorer to map areas of Western Australia (1616).
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