What did the doctor tell Janie after he examined Tea Cake?

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Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston details the life and struggles of a woman named Janie Crawford.  In the novel, Janie has three significant relationships with men.  Each one helps her to grow in some way, and become more complete and comfortable with herself.  Her final relationship, with a man named Tea Cake, serves as the most important of the three, as it comes the closest to being a mutually respectful, loving relationship.  However, it ends tragically. 

In Chapter 18 , the Florida Everglades where Janie and Tea Cake have made their home gets hit with a terrible hurricane.  The two have the opportunity to leave the area, also known as "the muck," but they opt to stay and try to wait out the storm.  Lake Okechobee overruns the seawalls, and the entire area is destroyed by a deadly flood.  Janie and Tea Cake attempt to get to safety, but along the way Janie is caught in the floodwaters, and saves herself only by grabbing onto the tail of a cow swimming by. ...

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