What did the delegates eat during the Constitutional Convention in 1787?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention had to eat while they were discussing the main points of the Constitution. Unlike today, where their meetings would be catered, the delegates had to go out to eat in order to get their food. Most likely, they ate at pubs or at inns where they were staying. It is very likely there were spirited debates at these establishments. The men debating the issues were passionate about their beliefs. Of course, they had to be careful about what they said in public because the convention was held in a private setting with no windows open. The delegates ate standard fare and probably had a few drinks also. It was very hot in Philadelphia that summer so they needed to consume a lot of liquid. Meals would have been similar to those found in English pubs. Fish and chips, Shepard’s Pie, as well as Bangers and mash, would have been some of the foods they ate. The delegates had to eat while attending the convention, and the pubs and the inns were good places to visit for food.

jilllessa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since most of the delegates to the Convention had travelled to the get there, they most likely ate most of their meals in taverns where they would continue to discuss the issues of the Convention over their meals.  Looking at the menus of the times listed by some of the taverns at Williamsburg, VA, and some historic taverns in Philadelphia, they would have eaten smoked meats including duck and fish as well as some tavern favorites such as Peanut Soup, stuffed quail, and "Bubble and Squeak," which is a dish of potatoes and cabbage.  They would have also have frequently had meat and poultry stews as well as bread and ale.  Many of them may have eaten at the popular "City Tavern" of  Philidelphia which remains a going concern today and is just about to publish an historic cookbook of its recipes