In The Guest, what did Daru do after he saw the message on the board? Did he leave Algeria and join French authority to save his life from dangers?

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The reader is left to imagine what Daru's fate is at the end of this story. Camus simply tells us: "Daru looked at the sky, the plateau, and beyond, the invisible lands stretching all the way to the sea. In this vast landscape he had loved so much, he was alone."

Think about what kind of person Daru is, how he behaves and what he says throughout the story. Does he seem to be the kind of person who would run to save his own life? Or would stay and try to make people see the truth? Camus doesn't tell us, so we have to supply the answers ourselves.

As the eNotes introduction states: "The story emphasizes many of Camus’s most characteristic themes: individual alienation, freedom, the value of human life, responsibility, the difficulty of moral choice, and the ambiguity of actions" (emphasis added).

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