In The Bronze Bow, what did Daniel make as a blacksmith?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the interesting aspects of this excellent story is the way in which Daniel seems to develop in his skill as a blacksmith and also his enjoyment of this profession at the same time as he continues his more revolutionary and furtive activities, opposing the rule of the Romans in his homeland. As he works as a blacksmith in his village, it is clear that he takes great pleasure in his work. Note this description of his job and what he makes that comes from Chapter Fifteen:

As Daniel grew confident of the skill in his own hands, his work became a source of pleasure. It was satisfying to give a villager a pair of hinges for his house, and to know that they were not only strong and well balanced, but exactly matched and pleasing to look at as well. He became aware that something more than usefulness could take shape under his hammer...

Daniel thus makes everyday objects of practical use, but he also finds beauty in these objects. This success encourages him to experiment, and this chapter narrates how his first experiment results in teh creation of a tiny slender bronze bow, which of course is a powerful symbol of Daniel's belief and faith in a free homeland for him and his people.