What did Dally tell the police?It happened during the time he was going to turn himself in.

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Knowing Dallas Winston's hatred of the police, he was probably more than happy to throw them off the real trail of Pony's and Johnny's disappearance after Bob's death in the park. Since Dally gave the boys directions to the church on Jay Mountain, he knew exactly where they were. The police always "hauled (him) in for everything that happens in our turf," but he "let it slip" to the police (after much interrogation) that the runaways were heading to Texas. He didn't reveal the true location to anyone else, since Two-Bit believed him and considered heading to the Lone Star State to look for his friends.

dragonoid | Student

Dally told the cops that they were hiding in Texas. When he told his friends, Two-Bit wanted to go down to Texas to find them.