What did Dad get Leigh for Christmas?

Expert Answers

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Leigh misses his dad an awful lot. He doesn't get to see him all that much because a). his parents are divorced, and b). his dad drives a truck and so spends a lot of time out on the road. Christmas is a particularly difficult time of the year for Leigh as he's often so incredibly lonely. He wishes that he could have a normal family life like all the other kids instead of constantly wondering if maybe his dad will call.

Days go by and there's still no word from Leigh's dad. Leigh's becoming ever more disappointed; he's seriously starting to think that his old man won't get in touch this Christmas. However, Mr. Botts comes through for his son, sending someone to drop off a present for Leigh on Christmas morning. As we can imagine, Leigh's overjoyed to receive his gift, which is a quilted jacket with lots of pockets and a hood that zips into the collar. It's just what he's always wanted.

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