What did the colonists do to resist the English rule?

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The major events in this book in which the colonists resist the English rule is the Boston Tea Party, and later, the stand at Lexington and Concord.  The first incident comes as a result of a new tax on British products including tea.  In order to resist the tax, the colonsits refuse to buy tea which is just sitting there.  The town of Boston would not let them unload the tea and the ships were not allowed to leave until it was unloaded.  So a group of colonists unloaded it (Johnny included) for them - into the harbor.   The severe punishment of Boston, the complete closing of the harbor until the tea was paid for, united the separate colonies together against the British. 

Later in the book, The British are marching to Lexington to try to capture the leaders of the rebellious colonists, Hancock and Adams, as well as a large store of munitions.  The colonists made a stand at Lexington and Concord after being warned by Paul Revere that the British were coming.  This stand resulted in the first true battle of the American Revolution.