What did Christopher Columbus discover that was new or useful for his financial supporter?

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djrharrison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Christopher Columbus did not succeed in carrying out his stated mission, what he found in the Americas led to the Columbian Exchange. Crops from the New World and the Old World were first exchanged between the Americas, Europe, and Asia because of the things Columbus found in his quest for a passage to the Indies. The Columbian Exchange was a worldwide trading network that allowed wheat, barley, turnips and rice to be traded across the Atlantic to the Americas in exchange for maize, sweet potatoes and white potatoes—indeed a boost to the economy of Ferdinand and Isabella's Spanish kingdom.

The New World saw for the first time horses, pigs, cows, sheep and goats. When looking at the trade we also must include the diseases that were spread across the world: smallpox, measles, malaria. Also spread were the black rat, and mosquitoes.

This worldwide trading network would provide an economic boom to many countries. 

pink-zebra | Student

First off he discovered a new continent, I mean, the discoveries don't get much bigger than that. It allowed England the hope of expanding across the globe. It also provided many furs. In history, we know that the french wanted to have America for numerous reasons, but one of the reasons was for the animal fur.