What did Cherry think of Dally, Johnny, Two-Bit, and Ponyboy (at the end of Chapter 3 in The Outsiders)?Less than 200 words.

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    Cherry is the beautiful cheerleader Soc who befriends Ponyboy in the Susan E. Hinton teen novel, The Outsiders. She recognizes the differences in the boys quickly and reveals her feelings about them to Ponyboy, Johnny and Two-Bit at the drive-in and during their walk afterward. She refers to greasers generally as "more emotional" than her Soc friends.

DALLAS WINSTON. Cherry identifies Dally immediately as a greaser, calling him "trash" and "hard as nails and twice as tough." But she tells Pony that "I kind of admire him" and, later, that "I could fall in love with Dallas Winston... I hope I never see him again, or I will." She obviously likes wilder boys, since her boyfriend is one of the Socs who beat up Johnny.

PONYBOY CURTIS. She calls Pony "a nice, smart kid" and "too sweet to scare anyone." He is "dreamy" and "a nice boy and everything." She identifies with his intellectual side, telling him that she watches sunsets, too.

TWO-BIT MATTHEWS. Cherry has no specific comments about Two-Bit, other than asking Pony if he is "okay." The girls do agree to ride home in Two-Bit's car, but the Soc boyfriends intercept them first. Marcia seems much more interested in Two-Bit than Cherry, and she even gives him her phone number, which he later tears into pieces.

JOHNNY CADE. Johnny is also "too sweet to scare anyone," but she realizes that he has been "hurt and scared." She trusts Johnny and feels safe around him.

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