What did Captain Keller decide to do about Helen? 

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Captain Keller's daughter, Helen, was deaf and blind.  He was depicted in the play as having given up hope of Helen ever learning how to communicate.  He had already contacted doctors in two states.  No one had been able to help Helen.  Captain Keller felt defeated, and he suggested that it was "time some attention was paid to Mildred."  Mildred was the youngest daughter of Captain and Mrs. Keller.

At his wife's insistence, Captain Keller agreed to bring a special teacher to their home to help Helen.  That teacher was Miss Sullivan.  Captain Keller did not like Miss Sullivan's methods for helping Helen.  He felt that they were not effective.  He decided to dismiss her, and in doing so he would give up on helping Helen.  He attempted to tell Miss Sullivan of his decision:

I have decided I—am not satisfied—in fact, am deeply dissatisfied—with the manner in which—

Instead of telling her, Captain Keller was interrupted by Miss Sullivan.  Miss Sullivan inquired about a small house on the property.  Captain Keller then changed his mind, telling Miss Sullivan: "I have decided to—give you another chance."  This second chance meant that Helen would receive help.

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