What did Canadian troops do in WWII?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Canadian military personnel were involved in a number of actions in World War II.  There were important contributions made by Canadian naval personnel and Canadian ground troops.

The Canadian navy was mainly involved in protecting ships from submarine attack.  The Canadians were particularly responsible for the area from North America to Iceland.  They helped to escort convoys in that area in the Battle of the Atlantic.  In addition, Canadian naval forces played an important part in providing security for ships crossing the English Channel in the D-Day invasion. 

Canadian land troops were involved in both of the major invasions of the European continent.  Their first major involvement in land combat was in the invasion of Sicily in 1943.  Canadians were also heavily involved in the Allied invasion of Italy and movement up the Italian Peninsula.  Perhaps the most famous Canadian involvement in the war was their part in the D-Day invasion.  It was Canadian forces that landed on Juno Beach, one of the invasion beaches on that day.  The Canadians were then involved in the ground fighting on the European continent.  Overall, 45,000 Canadian military personnel were killed in the war.