What did Caitlyn say when Nick slapped her in Breathing Underwater?

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Nick slaps Caitlyn after she sings a "sexy" song "about love and meeting the man of her dreams." Nick, listening to the song, interprets it as an indication that the man of her dreams is not him. He thinks that she has betrayed him and humiliated him. After her performance, Nick tries to force her into the car, but Caitlyn struggles to get away.

Just before he slaps her, Caitlyn pleads, "Please, Nick . . . I . . . Mrs. Reyes said . . . and Tom and Liana. I thought you'd like it." After the slap, the force of which causes Caitlyn's head to "smash" against the lamppost, Caitlyn sobs. She holds her hands up to try and protect her face, and then says, over and over, "I don't know. I don't know."

Several people walk by, heading for their cars, and Caitlyn calls "weakly" after them, but to no avail. Nick laughs, drags her to her feet to hit her again, and then, suddenly, is pulled away and punched to the ground by a man with a "dolphin silhouette on his leg."

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