In "Lord of the Flies," what did the boys discover about their surroundings?After reading chapters 1&2

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It doesn't take Ralph and Piggy long, in the first chapter, to discover they are on an island.  Then when Jack and the other choirboys appear on the beach, Ralph, Jack, and Simon set off to do some exploring of the island.  They find that there is a mountain on the island, a lagoon with a small island sitting in it attached to the rest of the island by a natural rock bridge.  They also discover that the island is inhabited by animals of some sort and that the vegetation is thick with vines.  They encounter a large cliff of granite on the mountain from which they can see the shape of the island which is "roughly boat-shaped".  They encounter a piglet while exploring as well, but realize that there are no humans inhabiting the island.  They see that there is a coral reef around part of the island.  In the second chapter, the little boys claim to have seen a "beastie" or a "snake-thing", but Ralph tells them there are no such things; there are only vines.  They also discover that their surroundings could bring death when they let the fire they start get out of control and they lose track of one of the boys.

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