What did the band Spaceman 3 contribute to music?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An English alternative rock band formed in 1982, Spaceman 3 gained a cult following in several years. But, the band separated in 1991 after bitter disputes among the musicians.

With they first began, the Spaceman 3 band performed in The Black Lion public houseĀ in Northampton. Oddly they paid no attention to the audience. Peter Kember, co-founder of the group explained,

We went out of our way to control our audience.....We wanted to make sure, absolutely, that all those people who were there were actually there because they were getting it.

Their debut album was called Sound of Confusion; the recordings were filled with "a rough garage energy" from the fuzz of the speakers and the distorted guitar sounds with a heavy psychedelic sound added. Later, Peter Kember purchased a Vox Starstream guitar with several built-in features such as Repeat Percussion and fuzz. After this, the group's sound became unique, described as "unrelenting, punishing, psychedelic....with razor blade riffs." By 1988 the group gained much attention; however, the members fought with one another and disbanded a couple of years later. Nevertheless, they are considered one of the most revolutionary bands in the UK.

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