What did the band The Corrs contribute to music?

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This Irish singing “family” from DundalkCo. Louth, in Ireland, made the important leap from traditional to popular Irish music. Celtic folk motifs combined with traditional love songs, along with more modern harmonies and arangements. Professionally formed in 1990 (although singing earlier as a family), the group consisted of Andrea Corr - lead vocals (and tin whistle); Caroline Corr - drumspercussionpiano and vocals; Jim Corr - guitarkeyboards, vocals; and Sharon Corr  (violin and vocals). Others joined on tours and elsewhere.

The Coors’ collaboration with other Irish singers, notably U2’s Bono, and specifically with      duets between Coors and Enya, further blended the two worlds of Irish music. The Corrs' main influences, besides their early parental influences, were The EaglesSimon and Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac. Their importance may be historical, since they are currently disbanded and raising families. Whether they ever reunite, their contribution to popular Irish music is permanent.

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