What did the band Bad Religion contribute to music?

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Formed in 1979 by young men still in high school in Los Angeles, Bad Religion is a punk rock/alternative rock group; that is a group who plays fast-moving, aggressive music. They utilize three-part harmonies and layered vocals at times; their lyrics are often controversial as they discuss political and social issues. The theme song of the group expresses the their disillusion with society:

Spiritual era's gone, it ain't comin' back.
Bad Religion, a copout, that is all that's left
Hey Mr. Mime, stop wasting my time,
With your factory precision.
Factory precision is your
Bad Religion, regurgitate
Indecision, it's not too late.
Bad Religion, Bad Religion.

Some of their lyrics are very satirical as in "Voice of God" as it ridicules how putting the name of God upon something is the way to justify stealing, even for the federal government:

Build a million dollar church, with money spent on God's research....
Voice of God is government. In God we trust, sinners repent!

Bad Religion had for years only a cult following, but with the release of their eighth studio album, the group became certified gold in both the U.S. and Canada. Presently, they are one of the best-selling punk rocks of all time.

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