What did August and Summer dress up as for the Egyptian Museum?

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Shortly after August overhears Jack Will making fun of him during the Halloween party, he begins spending a significant amount of time hanging out with Summer. Although August's relationship with Jack Will is strained, he becomes closer with Summer and they work on their upcoming Egypt project together. On the day of the Egyptian Museum exhibit, the school's gym is turned into a giant museum, where every student displays their Egyptian artifact on their table alongside a little caption card explaining the details of the artifact. August mentions that he feels like their display is the best artifact in the entire Egyptian Museum. August and Summer worked hard to create a realistic sculpture of Anubis. According to August, he painted the statue gold and Summer created a gold step pyramid out of sugar cubes.

The students were also required to dress up for the event, and August mentions that some students were Indiana Jones-type archaeologists while others were pharoahs. August and Summer decided to dress up as mummies for the exhibit and walk their parents around the gym looking at each display with flashlights. During the event, Jack Will has a conversation with Summer about why August is mad at him and she gives him a hint by saying, "Bleeding Scream." Jack Will finally recognizes that August overheard him while he was speaking to Julian during the Halloween party and feels terrible.

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