What did the Americans achieve after the revolution?  

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After the Revolutionary War ended, the Americans accomplished many things. One thing they accomplished was setting up a new plan of government. The first plan of government was the Articles of Confederation. While there were weaknesses with this plan, it did get us through the early days of our independence and the period of time after the war ended. It was eventually replaced by a new plan, the Constitution, which has been our plan of government for over 200 years.

We developed a way to deal with the western lands after the Revolution. The Land Ordinance of 1785 divided western lands into townships. These townships were subdivided into squares, and much of that land could be sold. It was a good way for the government to raise money and to organize the land in the West.

We also developed a plan that became a model for how territories could become states. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established the process that was used for territories to follow in order to become a state. Five states were created from the Northwest Territory. Other areas that became territories followed the process of becoming a state that was established by this law.

We started to deal with other countries after the Revolutionary War. We let those countries know they wouldn’t be able to push us around. We negotiated treaties with Spain and Great Britain that prevented us from going to war. These treaties resolved some of the trade issues that existed. They also got the Spanish and British to do stop encouraging the Native Americans to attack us. Great Britain also agreed to leave the forts in the West.

We also began to develop our financial system. A debt plan was passed to help us pay our debts. A national bank was created to help the government, the businesses, and the people handle financial issues.

There were many things that needed to be done after the Revolutionary War ended up to 1800. With two plans of government and with good leaders much was accomplished during this time period.

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