The Vietnam War

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What Did American Soldiers Encounter When They First Arrived In Vietnam? What Did American Soldiers Experience On The Battlefield?

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Additional experiences the American soldier experienced upon their arrival in Vietnam:

  • American troops were at first expected to fight a defensive war, even though most of their training was of an offensive nature.
  • They discovered a weak and corrupt South Vietnamese government as well as an underefficient allied military force.

American experiences on the battlefield:

  • They found that the Viet Cong was adept at guerilla warfare.
  • Many American units were deficient in experienced leadership, primarily due to the one-year tours of duty.
  • There were very few secure areas in order for the soldier to enjoy any rest and relaxation during off-hours.
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All of this stuff must surely be in your textbook -- there must be something you are expected to say.  That's because it's not like there are just two things they encountered when they got there or four things on the battlefield.

Here are some things, but I really think you should look at your book.

They encountered:

  • A kind of climate they were not used to.
  • People they could not usually communicate with.

On the battlefield:

  • Difficulty in finding the enemy.
  • Usually won battles when they could actually catch the enemy and force them to fight.
  • Not very good help from the South Vietnamese who were our allies.
  • Booby traps
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