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The United States was looking to become a world power at the end of the 1800s. We wanted to expand our influence overseas to increase our trade and to gain land that could become American colonies. To do this, we needed to go to war with a colonial power since there weren’t many places left where colonies could be established. Thus, we were looking for a war.

The events in Cuba gave us an opening to go war. We were upset at how cruelly the Spanish were supposedly treating the Cubans. We also were upset that one of our ships exploded in Havana Harbor. We immediately blamed Spain and eventually went to war with them.

The Spanish-American War was fought in many places. One of those places was in the Pacific Ocean. Under the command of Admiral George Dewey, the U.S. Navy fought the Spanish in Manila Bay in the Philippines. This was a big victory for the United States.  When the war ended, the United States got control of several places. One of them was the Philippines. The Philippines remained in American hands until 1946. Under the command of Admiral George Dewey, the United States was eventually able to conquer the Philippines, defeat the Spanish, and gain colonies in different places throughout the world.

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