What are the developments in the relationship of Darcy and Elizabeth from chapters 36-45?

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* Darcy gives Elizabeth the letter in which he comes clean about having put the kibosh on Bigley's relationship with Jane due to her poor family connections because he did not believe Bingley had serious feelings for Jane.  He also reveals that Wickham attempted to elope with Darcy's sister, Georgina which is why Darcy does not think that Wickham is an honorable man.  Lizzy is aggravated with him about the Jane-Bingley situation, but does start to question Wickham.

* In the next few chapters, Lizzy has time to think about the letter Darcy gave her and their feelings for each other begin to mature and deepen.

* Elizabeth agrees to tour Pemberley only because Darcy is thought to not be in residence.  She learns from the housekeeper that Darcy was as a boy, "the sweetest, most generous-hearted boy in the world.”  She also says that as an adult, he never had a cross word for the staff.  Elizabeth is surprised by these revelations and also day dreams about being mistress of such a fine estate.

* Darcy unexpectedly shows up at his estate and invites Elizabeth to meet his sister, Georgina.  Her traveling companions remark on his good looks and good manners.

* Elizabeth meets Georgina and both get along very well.  Bingley's sisters continue to be Regency Era Mean Girls and try to provoke Darcy after Lizzy leaves to say she's trashy and that she's not pretty, but he replies that he now thinks Lizzy is, "one of the handsomest women of my acquaintance.”

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