What developments and achievements influenced life in Medieval Europe?

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arqueille eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Spices, first encountered by Europeans during the Crusades, profoundly affected European cuisines. Prior to soldiers returning home from the Crusades with spices, European foods were bland and indistinct. Subsequently, French, Italian and German cuisines began to exhibit their distinctive characteristics.

Navies, as a defensive force, developed in England to repel Viking invaders. The organization required to sustain an effective navy enabled England's various kingdoms to unite into a formidable nation-state capable of defending itself. Life in coastal towns no longer getting sacked by Viking raiding parties improved immensely.

Many events can be said to have bookended the Medieval period. From the point of view of the Catholic church, it began with a gradual process of the Pope replacing the Roman emperor as the most powerful political figure; by the 12th Century, the Pope had the unprecedented ability to raise an army. One of the many events that ended the Medieval period was the Protestant Reformation, which effectively ended the Pope's ability to raise troops for Crusades (a perennially popular rallying cause).

elzbaker | Student

There was a large variety of both developments and achievements that have heavily influenced the life in Medieval Europe.An example of this would be the Crusades. The Crusades left an extremely important legacy that influenced particular things such as map making, medicine, etc. It is a significant event in history as it has shifted the relationship between both Islamic and Christian worlds. Medieval Manuscripts have also contributed to the influence towards Medieval Europe.

Barely anybody in Medieval Europe had the capability to read nor write, therefore written primary sources are extremely significant. By 1500 CE, The Europeans had a new perspective of themselves, and the world they live in. Social change had also contributed to this new perspective. A large variety of important events/trends assisted the change, as well as the Crusades & the Black Death, etc. What also had a extensive influence was the discoveries of explorers, who found diverse ways of thinking. This led to many new inventions, all which contributed greatly to the influence in Medieval Europe.