What details in "The Storm" emphasize the fact that Bobinot loves his wife and also how imperfectly he comprehends her nature?

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In Kate Chopin's 1898 short story, The Storm, it's the little things that show how much Bobinôt loves his wife, Calixta.

Bobinôt arose and going across to the counter purchased a can of shrimps, of which Calixta was very fond. Then he returned to his perch on the keg and sat stolidly holding the can of shrimps while the storm burst.

He sat on the keg, holding the can of shrimps, thinking about her, worrying about her safety during the heavy Louisiana thunderstorm.

Calixta's is absolutely thrilled with the shrimps when Bobinôt presents them to her after he and little Bibi return home after the storm.

“I brought you some shrimps, Calixta,” offered Bobinôt, hauling the can from his ample side pocket and laying it on the table.

“Shrimps! Oh, Bobinôt! you too good fo‟ anything!” and she gave him a smacking kiss on the cheek that resounded, “J’vous réponds, we‟ll have a feas‟ to-night! umph-umph!”

Clearly, Bobinôt knows what Calixta likes, and he's willing to make the...

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