What details help to create tone and mood in Frost's poem, "Once by the Pacific", and  please describe the tone and the mood of the poem.

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the poem "Once By The Pacific" by Robert Frost, Frost shows his darker side.  If we define tone as the feeling the author is trying to create while defining mood as the feeling perceived by the reader, many details in the poem create both.  The first line uses the word shattered to describe water which is a negative connotation while the personification Frost uses when the waves are thinking about doing things not usually done to land also creates a dark feel.  The phrase "night of dark intent" shows Frost's dark tone and even more so the idea that someone must "be prepared for rage".  All of these phrases and more create a dark tone and a dark mood for the reader when the poem ends with an even darker thought that God would speak his last, "Put out the Light." Be sure that you look carefully at which words Frost chooses to describe something; for example, if water was described as flowing instead of shattered, the feeling created would be far different.