The Sniper Questions and Answers
by Liam O’Flaherty

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What details does the author provide to identify the setting of the story in Paragraphs 1 & 2? In Paragraph 8 & 9, an old woman is introduced. How does the sniper's interaction with this character develop the story's theme? How does the author's choice to withhold details regarding the fate of the man in the turret of the car and the old woman until Paragraph 15 contribute to the suspense in the text? What is the connection between the sniper's "ruse" and the enemy being hit? How does this event advance the story's plot? How do the sniper's seemingly contradictory "cry of joy" and feeling of "remorse" contribute to the character's development?  

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This question is asking multiple questions; therefore, I would like to focus on question number two. Question number two asks about a character, her characterization , and how she relates to a theme. The woman is introduced in a similar way to how all of the other characters are introduced. She is essentially a nameless and faceless participant in the war. Neither of the snipers are named, the woman is not named, and the man in the turret is not named. This is important to note because the story is treating everybody alike. To the main sniper, everybody is a target to be eliminated from the battlefield. He sees enemies that can compromise his own life, so the concept of women being exempt is foreign to him. Thematically, this shows some of the mental effects of war and how it dehumanizes people. The sniper is so used to looking at death, that he isn't treating those other people like people with lives and families. They are targets and nothing more, and that shows how dehumanizing war...

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