What details about Framton does the writer give readers in the second and third paragraph?"Open Window" by Saki

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first, second and third paragraphs of "The Open Window" by Saki comprise the exposition to this delightful story.  Framton Nuttel is a man sent to the countryside by his sister, accompanied with letters of introduction.  There he is to get some much needed rest and fresh air as "a nerve cure."  Confronted upon his arrival at the home of strangers by a "very self-possessed young lady of fifteen," Nuttel is rather ill at ease as he tries to "duly flatter" her without "unduly discounting the aunt that was to come."  He wonders how Mrs. Stappleton will be, hoping that she will be nice.  Clearly, Framton Nuttel is a nervous and rather insecure man.

As well as the physical description, thoughts, and words of personages in narratives, the names of these characters often figure into their characterization.  In Saki's story, the name Framton Nuttel certainly suggests the nervous and fragile disposition of the main character.