What is detailed summary of the poem "Infant Joy" by William Blake?

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It's a really short poem, so I have provided a link below for you to read it on your own if you haven't already.  It's an easy read.  It is basically just Blake rejoicing over the joy of being in the presence of a 2-day-old baby.  It is 2 stanzas long.  The first stanza appears to be from the perspective of the infant.  He  (or she) declares that they do not have a name, and asks what they should call the speaker of the poem.  Then the infant declares that it feels "happy" and that "joy is my name" and then pronounces a blessing on the person with it, "sweet joy befall thee."  The second stanza appears to be from the perspective of Blake.  He states that he feels the infant is a "pretty joy", and that he will call the baby "sweet joy" and that the baby smiles while he sings, and pronounces the exact same blessing-"sweet joy befall thee"- upon it as it pronounced upon him.

I hope that helps a bit.  Good luck!

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