What is the detailed summary of "The Chimney Sweeper" from Songs of Experience by William Blake?

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This poem is written in iambic tetrameter and consists of three quatrains. The rhyme scheme is AABB CDCD EFEF.

The character of the poem is a chimney sweep who is crying and alone in the snow. He tells the reader that he has been sold by his parents "because [he] was happy upon the hearth". His parents are now in church praising God, while the boy wears the "clothes of death" and sings "songs of woe".

The themes in this poem are the forced child labor and the hypocrisy of Christianity. The boy is full of woe: he is living a miserable existence. Chimney sweeps were subject to cruel masters and often suffered from terrible diseases from inhaling soot or fell to their death. The boy's parents, however, are praying to "God and king," who the boy sees as having made the "heaven of...

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