What is a detailed description of the wallpaper in "The Yellow Wallpaper"?

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In Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper," the first-person narrator becomes fascinated by the wallpaper in her bedroom. She has post-partum depression and is being treated with the "rest cure," meaning she has limited social interaction and is not allowed to work. She spends most of her time in the room and is not supposed to be writing (even though she's a writer) or overexerting herself. The wallpaper is, at first, repellent to the narrator, but she soon becomes obsessed with it, likely due to her lack of another creative outlet.

Early in the story, the narrator conveys her strong distaste for the wallpaper's pattern and color:

I never saw a worse paper in my life.

One of those sprawling flamboyant patterns committing every artistic sin. ...

The color is repellant, almost revolting; a smouldering unclean yellow, strangely faded by the slow-turning sunlight.

The narrator's strong choice of words indicates her utter disgust with this wallpaper. The wallpaper becomes a sort of...

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