What is a detailed character analysis of Uncle Podger in Jerome K Jerome's Three Men in a Boat?

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chsmith1957 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The narrator tells the story of his Uncle Podger at the beginning of Chapter III because he is reminded of the man sometimes when he deals with his friend Harris. J. relates the time his uncle tries to hang a picture on a wall, seemingly one of the easiest and simplest tasks to perform in any household. Podger turns it into a disaster. He involves everyone else around him in the failed effort, affecting them poorly, too.

I wouldn’t say that Podger has a sarcastic nature or that he taunts people. Instead, I suggest that he is somewhat arrogant by thinking he knows everything about everything. Yet he is charismatic enough–or perhaps, perceived to be helpless enough–that people around him are willing to help him. He makes a huge deal out of something small. In the end, he’s clueless and inept, but he doesn’t even realize it. Everyone else does, though, and this is what J. thinks of Harris.

chocopie6 | Student

 Uncle Podger is very messy and forgetful.He takes up a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders.But, at the end of the day,he messes it up always and after a long long time, he finally completes his promise.  he thinks he is the only one who knows everything but the truth is something else. he engages everyone in the house with one or the other thing n himself relaxes. the work that takes less than an hour when taken up by uncle podger takes a whole day n at the end at midnight would be done with everyone tired. His character resembles to Harris's.

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