What are the detailed account of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand?

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. His assassination in Sarajevo by nationalist Gavrilo Princip is usually pointed to as the spark which ignited World War I.

On June 28th, 1914 the royal couple arrived at the Arajevo station. They were greeted by a motorcade, including an open top sports car, which proceeded towards their first scheduled stop, a military barracks. The motorcade left the barracks after a brief inspection at 10am and proceeded down the Appel Quay towards its next destination.

It was while traveling that the Archduke’s car passed the first of the Black Hand assassins, Mehmedbasic, who watched the car pass from the garden of the Mostar Café without doing anything. Cubrilovic, who was stationed next to Mehmedbasic and armed with both a bomb and a pistol also did nothing as the motorcade past.

When the car rolled past Carbrinovic at 10:10am, he threw his grenade at the Archdukes automobile, but it bounced off the rolled-up top and landed underneath the previous car. The explosion put the car out of action and left 20 people injured, but the royal couple was unhurt. Carbrinovic was eventually captured by authorities when his Cyonide didn’t work, but not before being beaten to a pulp by the locals. Realizing the danger, the motorcade sped past the last three assassins, including Princip, without acting. Feeling pathetic because he failed to kill the Archduke, Princip heads towards a local delicatessen to get a snack.

When the motorcade arrived safely at Town Hall, the Archduke and his wife decide to visit the injured people in the hospital, which they headed towards at 10:45am, but there was no discussion about the route.

As a result, the car containing the royal couple took a wrong turn, and when the driver attempted to back up and change directions, the car stalled . . . right in front of Princip who happened to be emerging from the delicatessen. Seeing his chance, Princip drew his pistol and fired two shots, one which entered the jugular of the Archduke, and one which accidentally entered the abdomen of Sophia. Princip said he was aiming for the Governor, but missed.

Sophia died by the time the car sped to the hospital, but the Archduke died a few minutes later. His last words were, “It is nothing.”