Castle Rock Lord Of The Flies

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In Lord of The Flies, Castle Rock becomes a more prominent and significant place as savagery descends on the island and the boys, who voted Ralph as leader when he first blew the conch and summonsed them using "the trumpet-thing,"(ch 1) become more influenced by Jack. Jack is the leader of "the hunters," so designated when Ralph is first voted in as chief and which gives Jack some measure of responsibility. Jack, however, is interested in hunting and consequences are never his concern. He acts irrationally and irresponsibly and his face paint seems to protect his identity, making his unacceptable actions less shocking in his mind. 

Castle Rock will become Jack's "headquarters" and is significantly different from the lush vegetation found elsewhere on the island. Whilst he and Ralph are searching for the "beast" they come across it and Jack recognizes it as a perfect place for "a fort."(ch 6) It is a "table rock," set marginally apart from the main part of the island. The steep slope and the "pink, tumbled boulders" excite Jack and with just a minimal trickle of fresh water, he is impressed, especially as the boys roll rocks down the steep sides- perfect for keeping the enemy out. Ralph has a different opinion of this "rotten place." 

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Castle rock is Jack personified. It is a mirror of what Jack has become, a blunt, hard heart of stone; cold and merciless. As opposed to Ralf's choice of habitat, sandy beach and reassuring fire signal, Castle rock represents a step back from a democratic society and a step towards authoritarian society. Jack becomes a mindless, instinctual but charismatic leader (kind of like Hitler) and the boys become his fanatic followers who acquire Jack's system of values (hunting, killing, dancing) without questioning, let alone opposing it. 

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