In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, what descriptions are given about Anne's family? What does Anne desire?

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Anne Frank received her diary on June 14, 1942 and it was a present for her thirteenth birthday. In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl she keeps notes of important events and occurrences and details life in the Annex where, in order to escape persecution as Jews, she and her family spend two years until they are discovered in August 1944 and arrested. The family is originally from Frankfurt and followed Anne's father to Holland.  

Anne would love to have a close friend but feels as if she does not. She decides to call her diary Kitty so that she can imagine that she is writing to her best friend. Anne starts her diary before going into the Annex and her entry on Saturday, June 20, 1942 describes her family. Anne describes her father as "the most adorable father I've ever seen" and her relationship with him remains constant and comforting to Anne, who is unable to have a deep, nurturing relationship with her mother or her sister Margot and thinks that she just doesn't "fit in with them." Anne has a reputation at school as an "incorrigible chatterbox" whereas Margot is "brilliant" and "a paragon of virtue."

During their time in the Annex, relations are often strained and Margot becomes a source of irritation to Anne. Anne believes that she also has to "mother myself" because her own mother does not possess any of the qualities Anne associates with "Mother." By January 1943, Anne feels that her mother's words are cruel and "piercing me like an arrow" but she tries not to show her distress as she does not want sympathy. She just wants others to see her for who she really is. Anne knows that she is not a bad person and she wishes she could treat others with the same contempt as they show toward her, but she can't do that. 

By May 1943, Anne can see the effects of persecution on other Jews and knows how fortunate the family is to be in the Annex, which she realizes is "a paradise." There are many things she wishes for, including a more satisfying relationship with her mother. On Friday, July 23, 1943 Anne talks about what everybody desires when they are eventually allowed to go outside. Her sister wishes for a hot bath, her mother for a cup of coffee, her father to visit his friend, and Anne would be "so overjoyed I wouldn't know where to begin." She wishes to go back to school, have a home of her own, and move around freely.  

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