What are the guidelines for writing in-depth news?

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The traditional suggestion to guide the writing of a news story is to make sure to include the 5 Ws and the H: who, what, where, why, when, how. Inclusion of factual answers to all of these questions will give the reader the information needed to become informed about the event being described in the news article. The lead should present this material succinctly, with the most important facts first. The remainder of the news article then adds additional information to support or expand the basic content of the article.

Different types of news articles may place different amounts of emphasis on one or more of these parts of the story. "In-depth news" is focused upon transmitting information about the subject of the article. It is essential to cover all six important categories of factual information, in as much detail as is available, when creating an in-depth news report. That large amount of information represents the "in-depth" part of this type of reporting.


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