What is the Denouement in the Most Dengerous Game?NO

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In a literary work, the denouement is the final section in which all the strands of the plot are tied together and resolution is achieved; it is the end result, the culmination of the action.  The denouement of "The Most Dangerous Game" occurs after the climactic scene in which Zaroff discovers Rainsford hiding in his bedroom following the general's hunting expedition in which Rainsford is the prey.  Rainsford refuses to end the game at this point and kills Zaroff.  Following his successful encouter with General Zaroff, Rainsford enjoys a sound night's sleep in Zaroff's bed.  The denouement of the story, then, is the final segment of the plot: Rainsford's encounter with Zaroff in the general's bedroom, the murder of the general, and Rainsford's assuming of Zaroff's place in the estate.

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