What are the deities of Judaism and Islam?

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In addition to the previous descriptions of Jehovah and Allah, it is interesting to note that the main religious books of both religions--Judaism and Islam--primarily portray their gods as judgmental and wrathful.  If you do a comparison between the Torah's version of Jehovah and the Koran's depiction of Allah, you will see the similarities. Both deities command their followers to conquer lands and peoples in their names. While this is not the only function of the deities in these religions, it is an interesting comparative point since the religions have so often warred with one another.

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Each of these religions has only one god.  The Muslims call God "Allah."  The Jews have various names for God.  The most commonly used are Jehovah and Yahweh.

These are generally held to be different names that all refer to the same God.  Islam is the third of the "Abrahamic" religions.  Judaism was the first, Christianity was the second, Islam came last.

The members of both religions would be pretty appalled to think of the idea of having multiple deities.  These are two of the most strictly monotheistic religions in the world.

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Islam, like Christianity, is a religion that has evolved from Judaism. All these three religion believe in only one god. In Islam the name of their God and the term used to describe the concept of god is same - Allah. The God of Judaism is called by different names such as Jehowah, Yahweh and Yahwe.

However it should be noted that Islam has elevated Hazrat Mohammed, the founder of Islam, to almost god like position, just as Christianity has elevated Jesus Christ, whose teachings led to formation of Christianity, to almost god like position. In Judaism there is no such religious leader elevated to God like position.

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Please don't speak about Islam out of ignorance.  Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is NOT elevated to a god like status.  In the testimony of faith, a Muslim says "And Muhammad is the messenger and servant/slave of God", which means that he is a man who worships God like us, and NOT a deity.If any person claiming to be Musilm worships prophet Muhammad or anything other than God, then he would be committing heresy, and is not a Muslim anymore, even if he claims he is. Because associating partners with God in worship is disbelief, and takes the person out of the fold of Islam.  Associating partners with God and claiming other deities is the gravest sin in Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself warned about elevating him above his status, he said: "Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised the son of Mary (calling him the son of God or God), for I am only a Slave (of God). So, call me the Slave of Allah(God) and His Apostle."