To what degree waas President Truman's Fair Deal successful?

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The Fair Deal is the term that is associated with a package of legislative proposals presented by President Harry Truman to the U.S. congress in 1949.

The Fair Deal contained many different components. The major portions of the Fair Deal included legislation to address lack of funding for public education, the introduction of universal health coverage, and the repeal of the Taft-Hartley Act which monitored the activates of organized labor. The Republican controlled congress fought him tooth and nail on most aspects, defeating most of the Fair Deal’s major provisions.

The Fair Deal was successfully in many ways. Most importantly Truman won reelection in an amazing upset. Workers, African-Americans and Democrats all saw the Fair Deal as positive and came out in droves to support Truman. Some of its smaller provisions did manage to pass the congress. Truman’s legislation in regards to hiring discrimination and raising the minimum wage both passed, which liberal historians view as major victories.

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