September 11th Attacks Questions and Answers

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Based on the findings in the video, would you put the commentators on the “right” or on the "left?" The link to the video:

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I think that the panel discussion in the video tilts to the left side of the American political spectrum.  As a magazine, The Nation can be seen as on the left end of the spectrum, diametrically opposed to the Neo- Conservative thoughts present in the Bush Administration and in the execution of government policy in the post September 11 Attacks. Nichols, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and Chris Hayes are all significant contributors or editors to the magazine.  When John Nichols in the panel presentation quotes President Madison's fearful thoughts about war and how it tears at the fabric of a democratic society, its appropriation is to constitute an attack from the left side of the political discourse against the Bush Administration. The panel's critique of the administration's handling of events in the decade that followed the September 11 Attacks help to feed this narrative.  The movement of the nation into wars that can be seen as not feeding the national interest and thus moving the public into a form of mistrust regarding the national government is another attack of the right end of the spectrum from the left.  It is here where the thoughts of the panel demonstrate a modern leftist approach to the policies of the government in the wake of the September 11 Attacks.

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