To what degree, if at all, were public libraries, hotels, and other public buildings of New York City segregated or denied to black people in 1927?

krcavnar | Student

Although segregation was predominant in the southern states much of the same behaviors in regard to segregation took place in many cities and towns in the north.  In most of the northern cities the “separate but equal” concept was affected.  Blacks were not allowed to share a taxi with whites, the must use separate entrances to most public and private buildings.  Most blacks were excluded from restaurants and public libraries.  Many parks were barred to the black community and at least one municipal zoo had separate visiting hours.

Famous jazz clubs such as the Cotton Club were also segregated.  The rise of Harlem Renaissance did provide some venues for the black community.  The Hotel Teresa, located in Harlem, although most of its visitors were white it did allow for few black businessmen, musicians, and athletes.   

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