What is the definition of XYZ model in conflict resolution?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The XYZ Model is a part of dialogue and discourse in illuminating areas of potential conflict in the work place.  Essentially, the acronym represents different elements needed in conflict management and resolution.  "X" represents a particular or specific behavior.  "Y" represents the consequences of said behavior.  "Z" would be emotive element or the feelings associated with the particular behavior.  The goal in the XYZ model is to take ownership for the challenges in conflict management and resolution.  It is a way in which dialogue is opened and helps all parties involved to understand the implications of actions, their effects on others, and their overall impact on the work environment.  The XYZ Model predicates itself on being able to fully engage and immerse the participants in dialogue and exploration of elements that cause conflict.  It helps the problem to be owned, as opposed to struggling with the conflict as if it is unmanageable.  The XYZ Model enables more voices to be included in the participatory process of conflict management and resolution.