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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The definition of “quality management principle” can be summed up as the rule or philosophy by which executives of an organization motivate subordinates to move toward a desired objective.  There are considered to be eight quality management principles that effective leaders are prone to employ.  They include leadership, customer focus, involvement of people, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making, and mutually beneficial supplier relationships. [“Quality Management Principles,”]  These eight principles are standard across the business community, and can be applied in non-corporate contexts as well.  Together, they are considered the key to a successful operation, as they cover all aspects of corporate management, including the requirement of ensuring a stable supply of materials the interruption to which would reverberate throughout the corporation, and which entails management skills that go beyond internal policies with regard to management-employee relations.

The question – “what is the definition of ‘quality management principle’?” – suggests that there may be one particular principle to which the questioner is referring.  One of the below links is to a summary of Michael Leboeuf’s 1985 book The Greatest Management Principle in the World [Putnam Publishing Group]  Professor Leboeuf’s book is concise in presenting what he considers the single most important principle of management: that “the things that rewarded get done.”  In other words, the greatest motivator is conveying the sense that employees are valued and will be rewarded for successful completion of their tasks, and for their commitment and loyalty to the organization.  It is a two-way street, as management cannot succeed without loyal, diligent employees, and the employees will be not rewarded absent the attainment of specified goals.

Quality management principles provide the foundation for a successful corporate enterprise, and they are taught to aspiring businessmen and women across the country.