What is the definition of Escalus from Romeo and Juliet?

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Escalus is the rule of Verona and exerts an influence over the play, helping to move its plot along and providing the reader/audience with an authority figure who wants peace but is unable to achieve it until after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

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Escalus was the senior assistant to Duke Vincention in the story "Measure for Measure" but when the Duke is away on some business matters, he would act as an assistant to Angelo. Even though Angelo was promoted above him, he was not at all offended by this change of event and even accepts this whole-heartedly, bringing to light his compassionate and honest nature inside him. He is a major influence to the entire story, who helps to bring the story forward in a straight flow.

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escalus is duke vincentio's deputy in (m4m). when the duke will b away from vienna,it will b him who will help angelo who is much younger than him. he is someone responsible and ze duke trust him