What is the definition of an indirect statement in the medical field?  

Expert Answers
ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In English, an indirect statement is a subordinate clause that relates some kind of statement indirectly.  In other words, it talks about a statement from a retelling instead of a direct quote.  It is the opposite of a direct statement.  So while the following sentence is a direct statement:

He said, "I am going to the store tomorrow."

The following statement would be the same thing in an indirect form:

He told me that he was going to the store tomorrow.

To give an example in the medical field, imagine a doctor and a nurse performing a surgery on a patient.  In a direct statement, the following could be heard:

The doctor said, "Hand me the scalpel."

The same thing in the form of an indirect statement would be:

The doctor told be to hand him the scalpel.