What is the definition of IPDE Process in Driver Education rules of the road?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

IPDE Process employs an acronym standing for Identify Predict Decide Execute and is a process for safe driving strategies.

The first step is to identify conditions and situations around you and your car. You look for specific clues that alert you possible trouble, like a pedestrian approaching a corner, a child with a ball, a car parking alongside the curb on your side of the road. You also look for other users on the road and those who are turning on or turning off the roadway; roadway features and conditions like a speed change, a school, crosswalks, potholes, repair crews, etc; Traffic Controls like yield signs, curve ahead signs, slow traffic signs; the condition of your vehicle, like windshield, tires, engine, gas tank.

Next you predict actions others may take like braking for slowed traffic ahead or for an upcoming turn; how responsive the control of your vehicle may be, like on a patch of road undergoing repair; and the consequences of your own actions, like lane changes or unexpected braking.

After predicting, you then decide your course of action about speed changes; directional changes; traffic communication (horns serve a communication-safety purpose).

Then you execute your decision with all due caution. You may accelerate, brake (using warning brake light flashes when advisable), steer, communicate, or combine actions for safe and successful driving.

IPDE Process
I -Identify. This is when you look for
specific clues
other roadway users
roadway features and conditions
Traffic Controls
Condition of your vehicle

P -Predit. This is when predict
actions of others
control of your vehicle
consequences of your actions

D -Decide. This is when you decide to
change speed
change drection

E -Execute. This is when  you
combind actions