What decisions does Doctor Faustus make and what are its consequences?

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The most significant decision that Faustus makes is his decision to sell his soul to Lucifer in exchange for twenty-four years of the demon Mephistopheles' dedicated service. Faustus wants to become the most powerful man in the world, no longer satisfied by his training in divinity nor his fulfillment in God. Faustus relinquishes the possibility of heaven in favor of the ability to perform magic through the Mephistopheles. The consequence, of course, is that at the end of his 24-year travels around the world, performing useless supernatural tricks and frightening people in petty ways, Faustus is left unfulfilled and must follow Lucifer and Mephistopheles to hell. It is only then that Faustus understands the frivolity of the magical powers he was granted through Meph, and pleads to heaven for his life. 

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