What is the deal that Danforth tries to make with John Proctor?

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Danforth realizes by this point that the charges of witchcraft are most likely false, and his whole credibility and that of the Church are on the line here, seeing as how people have already been hung.  So he approaches Proctor with a deal: sign a confession and he won't hang.  He'll just sit in jail for a bit.  If everyone signs a confession they can be done with this, and Danforth can go back home and he's off the hook, never having been proven wrong.

But Puritans believed that liars are damned to Hell, so Proctor refuses.  If he accepted the deal than he would have given up his name, his reputation and according to his belief he would spend eternity in Hell.  So he stayed honest, forced Danforth to hang him and kept his good name.

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